Selfie Booth Drop Off
Prices from $399.00
This easy to use, unattended selfie-booth is guaranteed to be the sweet spot at your event.
Trailer Photoshoot Rental
Prices from $300.00
Trailer Rental for photoshoot.
Camper Photobooth
Prices from $599.00
Modern digital phtotobooth (with animated photos, GIFs, & Boomerangs) housed in a remodeled pink camper trailer.
Prices from $399.00
A modern twist on a timeless tradition. We bring to you whatever is needed for your themed event! This includes rugs, tables, pillows, place settings, decor and more!
Teepee Sleepover
Prices from $457.00
A magical experience for kids of all ages. Perfect for celebrating at home!
Rainbow arches & Set Up
Prices from $200.00
Stylishly structured arches with peachy sunset vibes, vintage peacock chair, & tall pampas grass. Perfect for showers, gender reveal, & birthday drive by’s.
Peacock Chair
Prices from $175.00
True vintage chair. Perfect for showers, drive by baby showers, & also makes the perfect backdrop setting! Available solo or in a set!
Carved wood screen & chairs set up
Choice of 2 pink or silver velvet chairs, 2 topiary trees, & beautiful ornate wooden folding screen. Perfect for a shower set up.
Boho Arches & Set Up
Prices from $315.00
Stay on trend with this set of 3 arched backdrops. Comes in 6 shades of nude. Sizes: small 3.3 x 4.9, medium 3.3 x 5.9, large 3.3 x 7.5